Bouldering – Wetherby

Time for a climbing post at last, amidst all this computer repair it’s nice to get out and about occasionally. Due to the unreliable weather we decided to go somewhere close to home, so Wetherby was the venue of choice. If it rained we could go indoor to York.

Unfortunately I forgot my guide book. I say unfortunately, it’s probably for the best, otherwise I’d have spent the first hour trying to figure out which rock is which according to the little hand drawn diagram. Instead we just leapt on to whatever was there and used the occasional chalk mark to guide us. I quite liked the look of a little overhanging problem (that I didn’t quite beat). Started here:

Then traversed round a little to here:

Fairly big reach (for my little arms) to the left:

Match and heal hook:

Then flop pathetically off. I did get a little further round, as evidenced by this video (warning, contains topless bouldering!):

We also slung up a top tope for some of the higher bits. Technically you could boulder the wall as it’s only about 6m high, but my wife would kill me if I came back with a broken ankle!

All in all a very fun day out with lovely weather to boot!

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