Laptop – Faulty Screen (Part 2)

Last night I got chance to take the screen off my friends laptop and take it well and truly to pieces. Have a look:

Here the screen has been removed off the metal mounts at the side, the inverter unplugged and the backlight unplugged. I removed the screen from the laptop, and put the laptop out of the way of my very interested cat who was noseying around at this point.

As mentioned before, the screen was full of warning stickers saying “DO NOT TOUCH”, so these were completely ignored and pealed off so that I could open it up.

In the above picture the stickers have been removed and you can see at the top 6 ribbon cables. It’s clear one of these is causing the problem, however it doesn’t look like they could easily be fixed. After removing the frame and separating the back light and the glass I can see where the problem lies:

Definitely not a fixable issue, even if I could get hold of a replacement cable there’s no way on earth I could attach it. A replacement monitor it is then. One of these eBay link should do the trick. £49.99 isn’t too bad for a new screen. I’ll update again when the screen has been ordered and fitted.

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