Laptop – Faulty Screen

This one’s an interesting one. Not a paying job, I’m doing it for a friend. I’m still struggling to get paying jobs after moving to Cas, my regular customers are all a bit far away in York. PEOPLE OF CASTLEFORD, I AM GREAT, GIVE ME YOUR BROKEN TECHNOLOGY.

Anyway, back to the laptop.

There’s a line, roughly an inch and a half, going vertically down the laptop screen. If you apply some pressure to the screen then it goes away, reduce pressure and it comes back.

I’ve taken the back off the screen to have a look, hoping it was just a loose ribbon cable (the cable that connects the laptop to the screen) but unfortunately that was fine, it appears to be the screen itself. Here’s a picture of the laptop screen ‘naked’, including the bits labelled “DO NOT TOUCH” which I’ve been prodding.

(Mental note, don’t use phone camera next time, the quality is awful)

I stopped here as there’s achance if I start dismantling further I could damage the screen, so I thought I’d best consult my friend first. If worst comes to the worst it’s £60ish for a new screen, so they’ve told me to just go for it.

As such, tonight’s job is to peal off the “DO NOT TOUCH” stickers and have a nosey at the control board behind the screen, I’m hoping it’s just a loose wire and a bit of soldering/electricians tape will do the trick.

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