Laptop – General Tidy

My next door but one neighbour happened to mention her Vista laptop was running a bit on the slow side so I had a look at it for her. It was a very nice Dell laptop.

Just a general tidy up on this one, nothing stood out as being particularly wrong. A little slow on booting up maybe but that’s due to the ridiculous amount of useless software Dell installs. I set to work disabling all the unnecessary items (most of them) then had a look at which services were launching on startup. Again a number of unnecessary services that were just serving to slow down the boot time of the laptop, especially one of the audio services. With these disabled I gave it a quick reboot and things were looking much better.

The MS Security Centre wasn’t running quite right (typical vista), so I sorted that out. I also installed and ran Malwarebytes to check for anything suspicious. Only a couple of entries were found so I deleted those too.

The laptop was returned and I explained how to use Malwarebytes on the off chance her computer started acting ‘suspicious’, and set the wireless network back up.

All in all a ten minute job.

My Fee: £10 (I was told I wasn’t allowed to do it as a freebie!)
Parts: £10

Total: £10

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