Laptop Keyboard Repair – Castleford

I’ve been a bit lazy updating this website recently, though that hasn’t been through lack of work, I’ve had quite a bit on.

One recently was fairly simple, but worth blogging. A replacement keyboard for an emachine e527 (from memory). Tea had been  knocked on to the laptop and the keyboard was sticky and not functioning correctly.

I had a quick look online and the only replacement keyboards I could find were expensive (£40+!). To help keep the cost down I looked at other laptops that used the same components and discovered an identical acer model and a matching replacement keyboard for £20. Much better!

I ordered the part and it arrived the next day, fitting was fairly easy and didn’t involve removing the entire top cover like some laptops do. I’ll upload a picture or two later of the process.

With the keyboard removed I used some alcohol wipes to clean up the small amount of tea that was hiding under the keyboard, and then fitted the new one. After putting it all back together I gave it a quick test and it worked great.

Parts: £25 (inc Delivery)
My Fee: £20

Total: £45

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