Laptop – Operating System Reinstall (Vista)

I spent my Bank Holiday Sunday out and about posting leaflets through doors advertising my services. I don’t really like posting flyers but it’s a  good way to get a bit of business and make myself known, and it seems like it was worthwhile. Today (well, yesterday now)’s repair comes courtesy of one of my flyers.

A Toshiba Laptop running Vista (*shudder*) was refusing to boot, ditto in safe mode. The repair options were doing little other than reporting disk errors that it couldn’t seem to fix. These problems prevented a system restore to a previous time too. Disk scan didn’t seem to report any physical disk errors though so the logical step was to see if a complete system restore would do the trick. Fortunately a full backup had been done the night before, so I didn’t have to worry about taking the drive out and backing it up.

After a fairly swift system restore Vista booted back up absolutely fine. I wasn’t completely satisfied that the problem wasn’t the hard-drive though, so on the off chance it were to happen again I set Vista creating some restore disks, as Toshiba don’t supply any  (only a recovery partition on the main drive, which is no good if the main drive is to die!). Once this finished I connected it to the internet, removed the trial version of McAffe and installed Avast. Finally I put Microsoft Office back on.

All sorted. I also had a spare Toshiba battery at home that was just taking up space, and the one in this laptop was on it’s last legs, so I gave them that too (frees up some space in my computer room!).

My Fee: £20
Parts: £0

Total: £20

(With a very much appreciated £10 tip)

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