Laptop Screen Repair



This was quite an easy one, but the pictures make for interesting viewing. A Compaq C600 had had it’s screen broken after being picked up/pinched in the corner of it. It was pretty clear from first inspection that the screen was damaged. I had a quick look online (on my phone, God bless mobiles) and got a price for a replacement straight away, £50. I ordered it and took the laptop home with me.

I whipped off the screen that evening (nicely designed, it only involved unscrewing seven or eight screws) and safely stored everything until the replacement screen arrived. I’d quoted £25 for fixing the screen, £50 for the part and £5 for delivery of the part (I’d guessed on delivery). Turns out I got the delivery wrong and it was £10, so to keep my quote the same I just knocked £5 off my fee.

The screen arrived in a couple of days (I ordered Friday, it arrived Monday) and I swapped it over, put everything back together and gave it a quick test. Fantastic, no problems. Delivered the laptop home and all was well.

Nice and easy.

Pics incoming when I figure out how this android app on my phone works.

My Fee: £20
Parts: £60

Total: £80

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