Laptop – Shutting down randomly (Part 2)

Laptop home and ready to take apart. Figured it would only take about ten minutes to get to the fan, boy was I wrong. First things first, remove all the screws from the back, then lift up the bevel above the keyboard, remove a couple of screws there and here we go:

Now to remove the hard-drive, dvd-drive and ram cover.

L300 keyboard, battery, hard-drive and dvd-drive

From left to right: Dvd-drive, battery, keyboard, keyboard bezel, hard-drive, hard-drive cover.

Now to finally pry open the case and get at the fan, or so I was hoping.

L300 openBut it seems things are never that easy. I don’t think you can see it in the picture above but the screws holding the fan in place are on the underside of the motherboard, meaning I have to unplug absolutely EVERYTHING to be able to flip it over. So out comes the wireless card, power adapter, etc and FINALLY I can…

L300 Underside

…flip the motherboard over and get at the fan! Two screws later and it’s removed. Here’s the trouble maker:

L300 fan

A quick scour of ebay shows up that a replacement part is about £15 including delivery, so I’ll get one of those on order and then have the exciting task of putting it all back together again! Until then it’s locked in the spare room away from the oh-so-curious cat.

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