Laptop – Shutting down randomly (part 3)

Boooooooooo. That’s what I say to this particular Toshiba laptop. Replacement fan arrived and it hasn’t solved the ticking problem, so I’ve taken the entire motherboard out of the case and disconnected everything not vital to the running of the laptop and just plugged the battery and the charger in. I’ve narrowed the sound down to the doobery-wotsit (or Integrated Chip) that tells the Laptop what to do with the power when the charger is plugged in. Not good. Reading on the internet it seems a fairly common problem with this particular model and reflowing the solder fixes it on occasion, unfortunately the clicking seems to indicate an internal problem so I doubt even re-flowing/re-soldering would do the trick.

So what are the options? Well, I’m going to fit the new fan (the old one was damaged anyway, wouldn’t spin) and put everything back together, some posts online have indicated that knocking the processor down to one core and even clocking it down fixes, or at least alleviates, the problem. I’ll give that a go but the ticking on the motherboard indicates a pretty serious issue. The only two long term-ish options are to:

a) Replace the motherboard. Replacements go for £80 or so on ebay.

b) Buy a new laptop and sell the current one for parts.

The problem with a) is that none of the motherboards will be new and there’s no guarantee they won’t suffer a similar fate. The advantage is that it’s considerably cheaper. That said the laptop could be put on the internet for spares either as a whole or in parts. If I dismantled the screen, fan, inverter, keyboard and mouse they would probably go for:

Screen – £40 to £50ish
Fan – £10ish
Inverter – £10? I’m not too up on these.
Keyboard – £10
Mouse/track pad – £10
Battery – £15
Charger – £10

So about £100, though all that is dependant on someone wanting to buy them. The whole laptop could go on as faulty and I imagine it would go for about £50.

::a quick edit to this post, I forgot the DVD and Hard drive. They’d probably go for at least £15 each.

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