Laptop – Shutting down randomly

Another laptop to have a look at. This time a Toshiba Satellite L300, a friend’s from work. They’re having a problem with the battery not charging correctly, the laptop shutting down randomly¬†and with it producing a ‘clicking’ sound.

From the symptoms it sounds like the CPU fan has failed, that’d account for the random rebooting and the clicking noise. After all there are only so many moving parts in a laptop.

The laptop’s in my possession now and, as I thought, it’s the fan causing the main problem, though the battery is dead too (which is a little shoddy for an 18 month old battery. For shame Toshiba) so that’ll need replacing. The fan won’t spin at all and the clicking is coming from that general area.

A quick look on ebay reveals there are a fair few different fans for the L300, dependent upon revision. I imagine they’re all pretty much the same but to make doubly sure I get the right one (and that the existing one can’t be fixed) I’ll be opening the laptop up tonight and having a prod around, no doubt taking a few pictures to accompany my post. After that I’ll order the parts and hopefully get them delivered and fitted before the weekend, Royal Mail permitting.

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