Three Laptops from York visit Castleford for a repair

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so here are a couple of computers I’ve done recently. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, I sent my phone off to Orange the other day and stupidly left the memory card in it.  Oh well.

Three Laptops from York

Three laptops, all from York, all with similar-ish problems. The first had a liquid spilt on the keyboard and a row of keys ceased working, the second had a cracked monitor and the third had a damaged monitor AND a damaged keyboard.

First things first, I dismantled everything to get the part numbers. With the laptops in pieces I stored them in my computer repair room (aka the spare bedroom, it’s a good job we don’t get many guests) and ordered everything online.

The parts took their time getting to me, and not by any fault of the websites I ordered from. I am, sadly, at the mercy of Royal Mail when it comes to computer repairs and if I’m not in when the part arrives (as is normal) then I have to wait 48 hours to collect it from the depot, which seems frankly ridiculous. So I patiently wait 2 days for the packages to go 1.5 miles down the road to the depot and then cycle to pick them up.

The keyboard is the easiest to do, a quick swap and the new one is in place AND… it still doesn’t work right. Unfortunately (and unusually) the liquid spill didn’t just damage the keyboard, it damaged the motherboard. The laptop was only two months old so I put everything back together and advised they speak to the place they bought it from about getting a replacement under the warranty (A replacement motherboard would have run about £220 from a reliable retailer).

Not a good start!

Next was the laptop with the damaged screen. A HP computer, similar to one I’d done before, and it was a bugger to get in to. Every screw out of the base had to come out, then the keyboard, then the top cover had to be removed just to get to the screws for the screen hinges. After all that I swapped the screens over, put everything back together, gave it a quick test and everything worked fine.

50% success rate so far!

Next was the one that had the most wrong with it, an Acer laptop. I took the keyboard out and removed the screen (This time I just had to remove the bezel above the keyboard to get to the hinges, good going Acer!). I swapped the broken parts for the fixed parts, put everything back together, turned it on and…nothing.

I couldn’t quite understand why nothing was happening, I dismantled it all, checked all the connections and everything was right. Put it all back together again and still nothing.

Then I spotted I hadn’t turned the charger on at the plug and the battery was dead. D’oh.

When given power the laptop booted up absolutely fine, the keyboard was working fully and the new screen looked great. Fantastic! So all in all a 66% success rate, not ideal but could have been worse.


Laptop 1 (Broken Keyboard)
- No charge


Laptop 2 (Damaged screen)
Part: £60
My fee: £25


Laptop 3 (Damaged screen and keyboard)
Parts: £85 for screen, it was oled lit, and then £25 for keyboard, all inc delivery.
My fee: £30
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