Macbook – Memory upgrade

A personal one now. I decided my Macbook aluminium could do with a bit of a memory upgrade. It’s been scraping along with 2gb recently and tends to slow down when I have Aperture open (the Mac photo library) and Chrome (a web browser). In it’s defence my photo library is a bit on the large side.

So a quick trip over to to pick up 2 x 2gb sticks of RAM, a day for delivery, and I’m ready to fit it. Incidentally memory in Macbooks, and most computers, is usually fitted in pairs (it’s advisable to do this). Currently my Macbook has 2 x 1gb RAM sticks in it, so to update I couldn’t just buy a 2gb stick, it wouldn’t fit. I had to buy 2 x 2gb sticks and the current ones will have to go spare. They’re always handy to have for future repairs anyway.

Opening up the Macbook is simple, the aluminium design may look pretty inaccessible but it’s a piece of cake. Open the battery compartment using the switch on the back:

(I know, I know, my Macbook really needs a scrub)

Now with the back open there are 9 screws to remove. 4 across the top of the case (between the two rubber feet) and the other 5 are just above the battery and hard drive. First remove the battery, then unscrew these. The back will just lift off.

This is a good opportunity to clean off any fluff inside the case or near the fan. Be sure to touch the metal case before touching ANYTHING inside the macbook, this will discharge any static electricity. Right, on to the task at hand.  The green bit, with black bits on it, is the first memory stick. The second is underneath it. To remove the memory stick pull the two black bits apart on either side of the RAM (shown in the red circles below).

Memory stick with circles

It will now pull out. The other memory stick is below it. Do the same thing.

Yay! The Macbook now has absolutely no memory and wouldn’t work if I plugged it in.

The new memory sticks just push straight in, slotting in to place easily. Now to close the Macbook up, following the above procedure in reverse.

All done! Booting up the Macbook and it now reports 4gb and absolutely flies. Fantastic!

If this was a paying job it would have been:

My Fee: £10
Parts: £40

Total: £50

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