Panasonic Toughbook CF-52 – Screen Replacement (Castleford)



There’s been a lack of posts recently, this isn’t due to a lack of work, quite the opposite, I’ve had so much on I haven’t had the time to update.

I recently took on a job for Crossroads Truck and Bus, a large garage in Castleford. They had a Panasonic Toughbook, a laptop designed to be hardy and as near to indestructable as can be. It had broken.

The screen of the not-so-toughbook had cracked up the right hand side and, whilst still usable, wasn’t in the best of states. I got the model number from them over the phone so I didn’t need to take the laptop away (they were still using it for work) and ordered a screen.

A few days later the screen arrived and I picked it and the laptop up. After dismantling the laptop and coming to fit the screen I realised the online shop had sent me the wrong one. So I had to re-assemble everything, put the damaged screen back in and get it back to the garage. The store were very good about swapping the screen and I had the correct one within a couple of days. I picked the laptop up again (at around 5:30pm) and then dropped it back off around 8pm with the new screen fitted.

The actual repair went ok, the Toughbook is quite pleasantly designed and there’s no need to remove the entire top of the case just to get the screen off. Just removing the fascia above the keyboard is enough. One thing to note, if you happen to stumble on this page and are doing it yourself, is that it’s worthwhile taking a picture of the cables near the left speaker as you’ll need to unhook these to get the screen off. I took some pictures so if you’re assembling a Toughbook CF-52 then hopefully these may be of some use to you.

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