Software – Outlook – Attachment troubles

The other day I received a phone call from the lady who provided the chair covers for my wedding asking for some computing advice. I thought a couple of other people may have had the same problem so it’d be worth posting about.

When trying to open up excel attachments from an email Outlook was giving an error message, saying it couldn’t find the file (well, the error was a bit longer than that and pointed towards the temporary internet folder). I asked if she could save the file by:

- Opening the email.
- Going to File->Save Attachments
- Save Attachments in her My Documents folder
- Open from there.

That worked, so it seemed to be an issue with the temporary folder itself. After a bit of digging I came across this very useful website:

It has a number of easy to use Outlook tools, which made my job (explaining how to get to the temp folder and empty it, which was first on the trouble shooting agenda) much easier. It helps identify what version of Outlook you’re using and the various paths the program uses.

Emptying the temporary folder using the above application (it could have been done manually, but this was so easy) seemed to do the trick.

So there you go, having trouble opening attachments from Outlook? Check the temporary folder in the error message actually exists (it could have been deleted) and if it does, try emptying it.

Nice, easy, problem solved.

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