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Welcome to the first post of my little blog, Bytes and Boulders. I’m very much aware of how cheesey the name is, it was either that or “Computing and Climbing” which seemed a little too on the nose to me. I bought the domain name with little to no idea what I wanted to do with it. The original intention was to update my very-out-of-date HTML experience, maybe throw in a little PHP and some MySQL. That’s all well and good, but it’s not very interesting and it’s not going to get me any money, so I decided I could do something related to my little home business of repairing computers.

Now when I say business I more mean hobby. I never charge over £40 per job (excluding parts) and repairs rarely hit that. If you’ve come here looking for computing help in the Castleford/Leeds area then head on over to my computing pages and look at some of the repairs I’ve done and how much I’ve charged. I’m happy to come out to your house or you can drop the system off if you prefer. If it’s a long (over an hour and a half) job then I’ll probably want to take it home with me unless you’re willing to cook me lunch.

There’s my sales pitch! Contact me if interested, or if you want to yell at me for posting a leaflet through your door advertising my services.

So why climbing in conjunction with computing then? Because it’s also something I really enjoy. I’m not a good climber by any stretch of the imagination. I boulder at about v4 to v5 (at a push), and I climb somewhere between 6b and 7a+ depending on my mood. Due to the weather and lack of outdoor equipment I’ve been somewhat confined to indoor climbing, and have little outdoor experience but that’s something my bouldering matt and me intend to change now the sun is coming out.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to look at a friend’s laptop and try to fix the screen.

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