The reason for the lack of posts recently…

Had a couple of jobs on recently but haven’t had chance to write them up because…

I’ve been lazing around in Turkey for a week on (what at least I felt was) a well deserved holiday.

There’ll be a new post tomorrow about some laptop woes (both solved) and some network issues (Virgin issues in the Wakefield area, thus far unsolved as it’s an issue on their end… I have bugged virgin a lot though to sort them).

The holiday was fantastic though, and there’s one story I wanted to relay and I really don’t have anywhere to do it but this blog, so if you’ve come here for pc advice/info you can probably skip the rest of this!

On the Tuesday  we took a trip to Priene, Miletus and Didyma. Three ancient ruins all around the same place. All absolutely stunning. The first was Priene:

We only found one tour group doing this particular location, the rest seemed to stick to Ephesus (which we did on Wednesday and was, admittedly, fantastic). It wasn’t a very popular tour, there were 8 of us in a small mini-van in total. 4 French and 4 English, each group had their own guide. Now the other two in our ‘English’ group were actually a 76 year old Greek Man, who’d moved to Australia 50 years ago (Greek with an Australian accent was interesting) and his wife who he’d been married to over 50 years. We had a good laugh on the way there and he constantly butted in interrupting the guide to either correct him, or tell him ‘interesting’ facts about Australia. It’s about this time that I learnt there’s a bit of bad blood between the Turkish and Greek, or at least there was. The younger generation tend not to, but this 76 year old man was a little…abrupt with our guide.

Anyway, we did Priene and then moved on to Miletus, which was amazing. You just turned a corner and were faced with this:

Fantastic. After Miletus we moved on to a restaurant and ditched the guide for a while. It was at this time the Greek couple came over to me and asked if they could ‘tell me a secret’. Which sounded scary.

Turns out they’d actually holiday’d in Kos, which is originally where they were from and grew up, prior to moving to Oz. Kos to Turkey is a quick flight and they’d done it JUST for this trip, not because they had any interest in seeing the ruins, that was just a bonus, they had another motivation. Prior to the war the area of Turkey we were now stood in actually belonged to Greece, one of the reasons this gentleman in particular was hostile to the Turkish. Now the area near Didyma, our last stop, was actually the area his family, and his wifes family grew up. Both their parents homes were there, the house that his Mam and Dad grew up in, their Mam and Dad, their Mam and Dad, going back generations.

Now apparently one of the last things his Father said to him before passing on was that if he got the chance he was to visit the house, go see it. So that’s why they’d booked this trip. When we left the restaurant and were about to go to the Didyma ruins, he and his wife told the guide they’d show themselves round and headed off up the hill.

Instead of visiting the ruins of Didyma they visited the Church their Mother and Father used to pray in, and following that (using a map he’d printed) they visited the house that used to belong to his family for goodness knows how many generations.

When they got back on the bus they both seemed very happy, he was quite guarded (what with the Turkish guide being there, he never wanted to reveal his intent for the trip) but his wife told me it had been an amazing experience for them and they were both overwhelmed when they saw it.

So whilst it’s not MY story, it’s a story I played a minor part in, and I wanted to write about it.

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